Thonburi Empire

The Thonburi Empire is an ancient power dating back to the fall of Caesovinia. Structured heavily off the Caesovinian Empire during their height, Thonburi is ruled as a militocracy by an alliance of generals. The Emperor is appointed when someone has proven themselves as the greatest tactician at the time, usually through conflict with rival generals.

Thonburi is sorted into a strict class system which is only transcendable through military service. At the top are military, which have their own internal class system, followed by the priesthood, then the merchants and tradesmen, then lastly the serfs. Each of these classes are further divided by race, Thonburi humans being the highest, then other humans, then non-humans.

Thonburi is divided into 5 distinct territories each ruled by a governor-general with their own laws and customs. They are as follows:

-Luap Luang

Associated with Thonburi, but in the unique position of not

Thonburi Empire

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